Sons of Jacob Cemetery
770  Parkway Drive
St Paul, MN 55106
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This web page is and it's links is a prototype of what, hopefully, will become a more complete documentation of this historic cemetery.

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Photographs of deteriorating gravemarkers and what might be done

A brief history of Synagogues affiliated with the Sons of Jacob Cemetery; (compiled by Dianne Siegel)

Synagogue name


date founded

date of occupancy

style of building




Congregation Sons of Jacob was originally called Chevra H'nai Yakov. 242 Robert St. and
Elbert Block
at Wabasha and College
St. Paul, MN
1875 A room: then a space in another building 1875 David Segal
1875-1888 J. goldstein - cantor
1878 B. Rosenthal
1888-1903 Jacob Aronson
Congregation Sons of Jacob Minnesota and 11th St.
St. Paul, MN
  1897 purchase of Jacobs house and converted to a house of worship 1875J.D. Friedman, Simon Alperstein, Rivkin, Baer "Prager" (Kadid Rabbi);
E.J. Kahn (dates unknow)
Congregation Sons of Jacob 16 W. Collage Ave. (between Wabasha and St. Peter St.)
St. Paul, MN
  1888 brick structure
sat 600 people
1908 Joseph B. Hurvitz
(The Red Rabbi or "Der Rolter Rov") and Cantor Eli Kreidberg
Congregation Sons of Jacob (originally called Hebeath Bene Ya'Akob)

Holly Ave.
(between Dale and St. Albans Streets)
St. Paul, MN

  mid 1930s        
Hebrew Seminary Congregation
(Beth Gadalia Congregation)
1426 Portland Ave.
St. Paul, MN

1944 Rabbi Morris Katz

  In 1946 merged with the Hebrew Seminary Congregation under Rabbi Morris Katz to become Sons of Jacob.
Congregation Sons of Jacob 1426 Portland Ave.
St. Paul, MN
  1946-1976   Rabbi Morris Katz
1968 Arthur L. Fine
Orthodox? 1930s buildings sold and demolished: took over building vacated by Mount Zion on Avon and Holly.
Beth Jacob Congregation

1179 Victoria Curve
St Paul, MN 55118
(651) 452-2226

    modern Rabbi Morris Allen Conservative outgrowth of Sons of Jacob

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